Topstitching therapy

This. This is my topstitching therapy. Its the Merchant & Mills The Landgate pattern and it soothes my soul, to sew as well as to wear. Its a good job I love it as I have two more to make!

This is my favourite make so far this year, mainly due to the details but also because Merchant & Mills patterns are generally a joy to make. If you haven’t tried them yet I recommend them!

I used a minky mauvey drill for the jacket with chocolate brown notions and a pinky brown thread for topstitch. I don’t really like strong topstitching so generally stick to the same weight thread for the whole project… And this used nearly 300 metres of it!!!

Seriously, I had to run into town twice to stock up!

This jacket taught me so much: I’d never made a zip guard; never made a hood; never made a proper casing for a drawstring.

These may be simple things but I’ve only been sewing a year and this was my most challenging make to date.

Have you made any Merchant & Mills patterns? If so which ones?

And whats your most challenging make so far?

See you later!!


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