Stella hoodie!

So I finally finished my Stella hoodie from Tilly Walnes new book Stretch!

I’ve used pink sweatshirting and jersey from for a steal in their Instagram sale and silver topstitching.

Here she is all sleeveless on the kitchen floor!

It was my first three part hood and really not as scary as I thought! Actually quite fun to put together and really quick too!

Topstitching around the hood was a bit tricky around the buttonhole part of the hood. I should probably have taken the draw out of my machine to have more access!

This tool is a lifesaver! My giant threading tool from Hemline. It was only £3.50 and makes threading a dream! So much easier than a safety pin or bodkin. I really recommend this!

And here’s my Stella hoodie all done and dusted!

It was a really quick make and I plan to make more soon.

This post is a bit lacking in detail so I apologise but I’m ill and cant stop sneezing so I’m off for a bath!

See you later!


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