Learning crochet

Ok, ok so I know this is a sewing blog, however I was really getting wound up that all my crafty buddies can crochet or knit and I dont know which end of a crochet hook to use! Well that was a week ago and I’ve attempted to teach myself! Which meant I had to go shopping!!!

After purchasing a set of hooks, books and far, far more wool than I needed, I set about learning.

I have learnt that I can’t chain stitch quickly. At. All.

However I can treble crochet quite quickly!

Really need to improve on the chain stitching!

I can also make rings which I’m proud of!

This is the start of a big rug I’m hoping to make. Its big, chunky acrylic yarn (wool allergies!)… And I’ve already ran out of wool!

I found the pattern in Big & Little Crochet from Hatchette Partworks, which is filled with lovely patterns.

In the same magazine I thought I would try making the double crochet facecloths (thought they’d be good for a beginner)

Think I’m getting the hang of this yarn malarkey!

I now have a use for my yarn bag (previously used to store my looms)

Think I’m gonna need a bigger bag!!!

Sewing resumes tomorrow with some mash-up dungarees in navy Irish linen which I’m desperate to do something with as I’ve now had it over a year!

See you soon with stitchy goodness! 💜


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