Barge painting! Aka sewing break

So… My best friend asked me THE question. I have been waiting for this question for a while now.

“Can you make my wedding gown?”

Obviously I said yes!

So, as this rather exciting project looms ever closer I have decided to have a sewing break to clear my head.

I get rather itchy fingers without doing some form of crafting so luckily the weather has cleared up enough to allow me to restart painting my friends barge!

We started last year but the weather was atrocious so we had to leave it over winter.

Here’s what I’ve done so far…

Starting with the doors-

On to the name!

(First coat sanded back)

Look at the mess!

Heres me hard at work!

After all the painting is done (four coats of each colour!) I have the best part to do! The gilding around the letters!

I love gilding but I’m going to have to make myself a little tent as I can’t see loose leaf gold lasting long outside without disappearing on the breeze!

I’ll update with finished photos (hopefully) soon!!!

See ya!


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